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Let’s face it. We take care of a lot of things in our lives. Cars don’t always make the top of the list. But truthfully, if you love your car it will love you back in miles and miles of happy, trouble-free travels. Regular car maintenance checks and simple service schedules can mean the difference between hitting the road with confidence and praying that you’ll make it to your next destination.

A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:
  • 38% of cars had low or dirty engine oil
  • 54% had low tire pressure
  • 28% had inadequate car cooling system protection
  • 19% needed new engine belts
  • 16% had dirty air filters
  • 10% had low or contaminated brake fluid

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Did you know these auto care facts .....

Engine replacement is the most expensive car repair. Avoid a $2,800 to $6,000 cash outlay with regularly scheduled maintenance. The most common cause for an engine replacement is running low on oil or a dirty oil filter.

Source: AAA Colorado, 10/16/08
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